Překlad: Dana Hábová Režie: Roman Vencl Dramaturgie: Miroslav Ondra Scéna a kostýmy: Aleš Valášek Výběr hudby: Roman Vencl Inspicient: Věra Šindlářová Nápověda: Ivana Smudová


Helena: Jana Posníková
Tom: Tomáš Krejčí
Carter: Petr Vaněk
Jeannie: Daniela Klevetová / Kristína Jurková

Neil LaBute

Fat Pig

When love weights more than you can carry

A very fresh original comedy by Neil LaBute, a contemporary American writer, scrip writer, director and actor in one, is more ambitious than only to make the theatre halls laugh. A story of plus-size Helena and slender Tom, her former colleague, starts as a classic fairy-tale for adults which you can nowadays watch a great number of on TV. The American dream comes to a grinding halt when a considerable amount of hypocrisy, treachery, prejudice and cruelty appears on the stage together with the two starring characters. Fat Pig is a raw comedy from 2004 which – opposing to our egoistic society – does not play games and takes us happily to the world where the homosexuals, overweight, disabled and elderly are considered outsiders and scare us, the young, slim and therefore successful individuals. 

Despite the fact that Fat Pig quickly became a smash hit in American and European theatres, it is only the fifth staging of this play in our country since the Czech premiere in 2006 at the South-Bohemian Theatre in České Budějovice. Roman Vencl, the artistic director of the Olomouc dramatic company, meets the challenge of directing the play with his typically sharp sense of humour.