Překlad: Petr Novotný Režie: Michaela Doleželová Scéna: David Janošek Kostýmy: Zdeněk Nedorost Inspicient: Ilona Bláhová Nápověda: Ivana Smudová Úprava: Michaela Doleželová


Tony Řezníček: Lukáš Červenka
Barbara Marková: Natálie Tichánková
Eduard Lorenc: Jan Ťoupalík
Eleonora Šubrtová: Vlasta Hartlová
Pankrác Rosický, policista: Roman Vencl
Marie Veverková, policistka: Daniela Klevetová / Michaela Doleželová
Členové zásahové jednotky: Lukáš Pořízka, j. h. / Marek Paráček, j. h.

Paul Pörtner

Shear Madness

We play as you decide!

After many years, this detective story is coming back to the Moravian Theatre Olomouc. Not just any detective story, but a story of hairdressing salon Sheer Madness, located in the centre of Olomouc, and owned by eccentric, flamboyant hairdresser Tony Řezníček. A day like any other is turned upside down when the landlady of an apartment above the salon, virtuosic pianist Isabela Czerna, is killed. Police storm into the salon and start investigating a murder which was committed by one of the present persons. Since there is only a little evidence, the tempers of the salon fray and even the audience themselves are asked to participate. Sheer Madness is a detective comedy which has been breaking records all around the world. Originally a psychological drama by Paul Pörter from 1963, it was adapted by American actors Bruce Jordan and Marylin Abrams who turned it into interactive comedy, and in January 1980 it was introduced for the first time in Boston.  Since then, the drama has been translated into 11 languages and introduced in 36 countries around the world, watched by almost 10 million audience members. It has been staged until now and is in the Guinness World Records as the second longest staged non-musical play in the world (first is the London adaptation The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie).  This crazy comedy offers a unique opportunity to the audience to participate in the police investigation, assist in case reconstruction, examine the suspect and finally find the murderer him/herself in the final voting. The adaptation of the Moravian Theatre Olomouc will be directed by literary advisor Michaela Doleželová.