Překlad: Jiří Žák Režie: Mikoláš Tyc Dramaturgie: Michaela Doleželová Scéna: Petr Vítek Kostýmy: Aneta Grňáková Inspicient: Věra Šindlářová Nápověda: Ivana Smudová


Helena: Naděžda Chroboková-Tomicová
Gisela: Ivana Plíhalová
Paní Laurence: Michaela Doleželová
Marie: Daniela Klevetová
Simona: Vendula Nováková
Mimi: Natálie Tichánková
Leon: Václav Bahník
První žehlič: Tomáš Krejčí
Jean, druhý žehlič: Petr Vaněk
Max: Jaroslav Krejčí
První mechanik: Lukáš Pořízka, j. h.
Druhý mechanik: Milan Švestka, j. h.
Chlapec (dětská role): Jiří Robenek j. h. / Štěpán Vacula j. h.

Jean-Claude Grumberg


Life cannot be tailored

Imagine the 1950’s in Paris. As is the rest of the world, the city is recovering from the horrors of the recently ended World War II. This applies to an extent to a small tailoring shop, owned by an individual, Mr. Leon, who is trying to oppose growing competition, understand ever-present social riots and to take care of five dressmakers for whom this lousy-paid job offers rare security of livelihood and joy. 

A French play from 1979, it was awarded many domestic as well as foreign literary prizes. This piece is not full of roughness and wildness of contemporary drama, however owes its success to genuineness, emotionality, liberating and kind humour and an utmost, to an unbelievable dose of humanity and understanding, which we so often miss in a present world. Perhaps, that is the reason that this play has been applauded by the audience-goers in the USA, Japan, Israel, Brazil, Argentina and in most European countries. In the Czech Republic, you could have seen it only twice: in the Theatre Na Vinohradech (2003) and East Bohemian Theatre in Pardubice (2005). The adaptation of L’Atelier in the Moravian Theatre Olomouc will be directed by Mikoláš Tyc, who is well-known for directing a thrilling drama Celebration which has been in the repertoire of MDOL for years.