Režie a výprava: Roman Vencl Michaela Doleželová


Zita Hermanová: Vlasta Hartlová
Johana Geršlová: Ivana Plíhalová
Eliška Kosová: Vendula Fialová, j. h. / Vendula Nováková

Roman Vencl & Michaela Doleželová


Where there is humor, there is hope

The room of a private sanatorium probably does not look like the appropriate place for a sparkly comedy, but the opposite is true. Three patients -– Eliška, Johana and Zita are curing their psychological pain here and are “learning” to live their lives again. Apart from this, they have nothing else in common – each is part of a different generation, each has their own story and each has to deal with a different life situation. It is humor which keeps a person afloat even in the most difficult moments. This is a comedy about three women who decided to take control of their destiny, a comedy with surprisingly honest humor which sometimes brings down your spine. Following the exceptionally successful comedy When the Lights Go Out, the author and director duo of Michael Doležel and Roman Vencl come with a play which is a beautiful playing field for three women. Three queens who offer the audience more than just bitter entertainment lacking higher sense. The Moravian Theatre Olomouc took advantage of the opportunity and decided to offer it to its audience in a unique performance by Ivana Plíhalová, Vlasta Hartlová and Vendula Fialová.