Režie, scéna, kostýmy a výběr hudby: Roman Vencl Michaela Doleželová


Nina: Michaela Doleželová
Imelda: Vendula Nováková
Trevor: Jan Ťoupalík
Artur: Roman Vencl

Roman Vencl & Michaela Doleželová

When the Lights Go Out

A chilling comedy which takes your breath away...

Trevor and Nina is a married couple from the higher society of New York. However, their union cannot be seen as ideal – it is actually hell on earth. The reason for this is a harsh prenuptial agreement; the one who files for divorce will lose all property which will then automatically be gained by the other. Trevor and Nina are arranging their traditional Christmas party. The only guests invited are the married couple, Imelda and Arthur. At first glance, it may seem that the party could be somewhat boring, however, the prenuptial agreement could not contain an amendment which states: the one who proves his unfaithfulness to the other can file for divorce and therefore gain all property. Given this, the Christmas party suddenly turns into a divorce battlefield.