Překlad: Michael Žantovský Režie: Roman Vencl Michaela Doleželová Scéna, kostýmy a výběr hudby: Roman Vencl Michaela Doleželová Inspicient: Věra Šindlářová


Phyllis: Ivana Plíhalová
Carol: Vladimíra Včelná
Howard: Petr Kubes
Sam: Jaroslav Krejčí
Julie: Daniela Klevetová

Woody Allen

Central Park West

Forgotten treasure of a conversational comedy
One of the most successful comedy authors of the 20th century, who has written over fifty scripts is coming back to Moravian Theatre.  After the comedy Play it again, Sam which had a premiere in Olomouc in 1998, you can now look forward to his undoubtedly best theatrical works. Although it was written in 1982 it is only the second performance! What awaits you? Partner pentagon in which even the main characters get lost. There are several lessons one can learn from this brilliant conversational comedy: 1) middle-aged men should not meet mentally unbalanced girls of seventeen, 2) a gun should not be in hands of manic depressive writers, 3) your best friend cares more for your husband than you, but foremost: psychologist should visit psychologists!