Překlad: Anežka Svobodová Režie: Pavel Khek Dramaturgie: Michaela Doleželová Scéna: Michal Syrový Kostýmy: Agnieszka Pátá-Oldak Hudba: Vladimír Nejedlý Pohybová spolupráce: Martin Šimek Inspicient: Věra Šindlářová Nápověda: Ivana Smudová


Philippe: Lukáš Červenka
Driss: Jan Ťoupalík
Yvonne: Vlasta Hartlová
Marcelle: Jana Posníková
Bastien: Marek Pešl
Elisa: Kristína Jurková
Magalie: Natálie Tichánková
Kandidát 1, Kandidát 2, Kandidát 3: Tomáš Krejčí / Vendula Nováková / Lukáš Pořízka, j. h.
Fatou: Ivana Plíhalová
Adam: Matyáš Cohl, j. h. / Štěpán Vacula, j. h.
Galerista: Tomáš Krejčí
Antoine: Václav Bahník
Eléonore: Vladimíra Včelná
Letuška: Vendula Nováková
Instruktor 1, Instruktor 2: Tomáš Krejčí / Lukáš Pořízka, j. h.
Albert: Jaroslav Krejčí
Yvan, Julien, Jacquet: Tomáš Krejčí / Vendula Nováková / Lukáš Pořízka, j. h.
Žena: Jana Posníková
Servírka: Věra Šindlářová, j. h.

Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano


World theatre premiere

You would hardly find another French film, since the time of the comedy with Louis de Funès, which has made a significant impression on the Czech audience and others. An absolutely ravishing story, masterfully balancing on the edge of comedy and drama, is based on the real life of Philippe di Borgi. His book Le Second Souffle was filmed in 2011, directed by Toledano and Nakache to create one of Europe's most acclaimed film of the past decade, winning awards and nominations in many categories. 

This is a touching story about a man immobile neck to toes, dependent solely on the help of others does not lose the meaning of life. It takes us to contemporary Paris, where the paralyzed and wealthy aristocrat Philippe chooses his new carer, an energetic young man of Moroccan origin who was released from prison after spending there for six months.

It is astonishing that the film, which broke the box-office records in cinemas in most of Europe, has not been staged yet. Negotiations with the French agency resulted in an agreement that Moravian Theatre Olomouc will produce the world stage premiere of this award-winning tale! Pavel Khek , the former director of music at the Municipal Theatre in Mladá Boleslav and the current director of the Municipal Theatres of Prague, accepted the difficult and very demanding directional challenge with the Moravian Theatre. It was Pavel Khek himself and his extraordinary and progressive directorial style that significantly contributed to the recent winning of two Thalia Awards for the Mladá Boleslav Drama Ensemble.