Hudba z děl Edwarda Elgara: výběr z děl Edwarda Elgara Výběr hudby: Robert Balogh Tomáš Lehotský Libreto podle Williama Shakespeara: podle Williama Shakespeara Robert Balogh Choreografie a režie: Robert Balogh Asistent choreografie: Dana Krajevskaja Elena Iliina Dramaturgie: Tomáš Lehotský Hudební nastudování: Petr Šumník Dirigent: Petr Šumník Tomáš Hanák Scéna: Eduard Přikryl Kostýmy: Roman Šolc


Baptista: Vadim Tsepelev, j. h.
Petruccio: Ivo Jambor / Paul Oliver
Kateřina: Yui Kyotani / Emily-Joy Smith
Bianca: Rachel Hickey / Irina Laptěva
Gremio, Biančin nápadník: Antonín Blahuta / Dmitrij Savakov
Hortensio, Biančin nápadník: Damani Campbell Williams / Michal Priessnitz
Lucentio: Lukáš Cenek / Benjamin Cook
Grumio, sluha Petruccia: Antonín Blahuta / Craig McFarlane
Krejčí: Dmitrij Savakov
Kněz: Pavel Brázda j. h.
Vdova: Elena Iliina

The Taming of the Shrew

Sparkling comedy about love in its varieties

There is nothing more common and mysterious at the same time than a relationship of a man and a woman. Honourable and wealthy man Baptista has two daughters. Charming and obedient Bianca is courted by men, and nasty, angry, impudent, unmanageable and bossy Katherina, is threat to all. All the suitors hope there will be a man who can tame the shrew and take her with him.  Only after that would her father consent to a wedding of second born Bianca. Will Petruchio be the true hero and manage to change the impudent shrew into devoted wife? This play is another piece in the dramaturgic plan of staging William Shakespeare’s work. After introducing Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Othello, we are bringing you a story full of humour. Moravian Theatre Orchestra participates in the project, directed and choreographed by Robert Balogh.