Libreto: Robert Balogh (podle Nikolaje Volkova) Choreografie a režie: Robert Balogh (podle Jurije Grigoroviče) Asistenti choreografa: Dana Krajevskaja Elena Iliina Martin Tureček Hudební nastudování: Tomáš Hanák Dirigent: Tomáš Hanák Petr Šumník Scéna: Eduard Přikryl Kostýmy: Roman Šolc Dramaturgie: Tomáš Lehotský


Spartakus: Ivo Jambor / Damani Campbell Williams / Vladimir Ivanov, j. h.
Frigye: Yui Kyotani
Crassus: Lukáš Cenek
Aegina: Irina Laptěva / Yui Kyotani
Andabates: Martin Tureček, j. h.
Murmilus: člen skupiny Adorea
Retiarius: Damani Campbell Williams / Ivo Jambor

Aram Chačaturjan


Ballet performance of the heroic fight for freedom

Based on the famous ballet by Aram Chačaturjan. 

Choreography: Robert Balogh

Directed by: Robert Balogh

Ballet by Aram Chačaturjan had its premiere in 1956 in Kirov Theatre, St. Petersburg and tells a heroic story of a famous head of slave rebellion in ancient Rome. Chačaturjan in his monumental, almost film, music concentrated on depicting the slave rebellion itself under the lead of Spartacus but also his personal conflict with roman commander Crass and also treacherous traitress Aegina.  Ballet Spartacus was in the Czech Republic performed only at the National Theatre Prague, Brno and Ostrava. Always relevant topic of a fight for freedom on the background of ancient Rome with beautiful music will be adapted to the feasibility of our ballet company and newly modified libretto.