Libreto: Alena Pešková (podle stejnojmenného dramatu F. G. Lorcy) Choreografie a režie: Alena Pešková Asistent choreografie: Gianluca Battaglia Scéna: Richard Pešek jr. Kostýmy: Monika Kletečková Alena Pešková Baletní mistři: Gianluca Battaglia Guido Sarno Inspicient: Barbora Šanderová Marie Burianová


Vypravěč: Gabriela Vermelho, j. h. / Barbara Sabella, j. h. / Barbora Šanderová, j. h.
Matka: Kateřina Iranová
Nevěsta: Francesca Raule / Emily-Joy Smith
Leonardo: Alejandro Polo / Guido Sarno / Seamus Wilkinson
Leonardova tchýně: Barbora Lahučká
Leonardova žena: Chloe Jones / Yui Kyotani
Otec nevěsty: Andrea Canalicchio / Dmitrij Savakov
Ženich: Benjamin Cook / Stefano Sacco
Služka: Katarina Gajic / Emanuela Giglio
Sousedka: Ludmila Novotná / Rachel Hickey
Měsíc: Yui Kyotani / Daisy Wales
Sousedky: Katarina Gajic / Emanuela Giglio / Barbora Lahučká / Dita Otevřelová / Caroline Rees / Daisy Wales / Rachel Hickey / Risa Maruyama
Mrtví bratři, Svatebčané, Dřevorubci: Andrea Canalicchio / Benjamin Cook / Hodaka Maruyama / Craig McFarlane / Lukáš Cenek / Johannes Nolden / Antonín Blahuta / Alejandro Polo / Seamus Wilkinson

Gabriela Vermelho

Blood Wedding

A surreal dance performance by F. G. Lorca

The story of the Blood Wedding is so strong on its own that it might be told in an “undiluted” way through the medium of any artistic form. Yet another tragedy with no culprit. And Lorca’s words in his prose and verse are carved by the performers through body movements, music, colours and shadows. “We honour his words and abuse them at the same time. This is not purely dancing non-verbal theatre, although dancing and movement will remain the main bearers of the story.” Lorca’s words will be truly heard in this production – words that will be sung, danced, and shouted as well as whispered. Gabriela Vermelho – a composer of music, quinton player, singer and performer – will lead the audience through the story in the role of a Commentator, a Judge who does not judge and the Spokesperson for the silent ones. And yet again, there are feelings of an individual standing in opposition to general social rules. The questions that arise here are whether honesty and self-esteem hold a higher value than life itself and what the role of Love is in this equation – maternal love, amorous love, love shared by a husband and a wife... Alena Pešková, the author of the libretto, and a dance director and performance producer, has already staged this dance performance successfully, in 2013, with the ballet company of the J. K. Tyl Theatre in Plzeň. At that time, the dancer who played the role of Mother, Martina Diblíková, was nominated for the Thalia Award. It therefore follows that the production might offer a number of great interpretation opportunities for the dancers of our ballet company.