Libreto: Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges a Théophile Gautier v úpravě Michala Štípy Choreografie: Michal Štípa Jean Coralli Jules Perrot Marius Petipa Choreografie a režie: Michal Štípa Asistent choreografie: Guido Sarno Hudební nastudování: Petr Šumník Dirigent: Petr Šumník Tomáš Hanák Scéna a kostýmy: Aleš Valášek Light design: Martin Špetlík Baletní mistři: Guido Sarno, Jan Fousek


Giselle: Francesca Raule / Emily-Joy Smith / Sawa Shiratsuki
Vévoda Albert: Stefano Sacco / Hirofumi Kitazume / Sergio Méndez Romero
Hilarion: Seamus Wilkinson / Hirofumi Kitazume / Hodaka Maruyama
Bathilde: Rachel Hickey / Sawa Shiratsuki
Fritz: Andrea Canalicchio / Stefano Sacco / Sergio Méndez Romero
Běta: Francesca Raule / Yuki Beppu
Karla: Maëva Cotton / Sawa Shiratsuki / Emily-Joy Smith
Berthe, matka Giselle: Lenka Maříková / Jana Hanáková, j. h.
Myrtha, královna víl: Rachel Hickey / Sawa Shiratsuki
První víla: Francesca Raule / Yuki Beppu
Druhá víla: Emily-Joy Smith / Maëva Cotton / Sawa Shiratsuki

Adolphe Charles Adam


Story of love at first sight

The story of Giselle was inspired by a Slavic legend about single girls who die just before their weddings. Those girls turn into fairies after their death and appear to lonely passers-by as they dance to death. Giselle, a village girl who is in love with a nobleman Albert, meets the same destiny as she passes away just before her wedding and turns into a fairy. Does the same fate await Albert as the other passers-by go around in circles in the forest? Or does Giselle save him from a certain death?

It was none otherless than Adolphe Charles Adam who composed music to this popular romantic ballet. Michal Štípa, choreographer and stage director of this performance, studied the piece with his dance ensemble according to the classic version of Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot and Marius Petipa, that is as it is danced all around the world.